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Prácticas ingeniero nuclear con maestria.

Code CV : 586f80b213598678
Date de dernière connexion : 2017-01-06

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10144 Torino

Métiers préparés : Termodinamica, neutronica, fisica del reactor, seguridad del reactor nuclear

Ecole: Politecnico di Torino
10129 Torino

Cycle : 5eme année

Dernier niveau d'etudes validé avec diplome : Bac+5
Dernier diplome : Laurea Magistrale ingegneria energetica e nucleare
Niveau d'études actuel : Bac+5
Métiers préparés : Termodinamica, neutronica, fisica del reactor, seguridad del reactor nuclear

Durée du stage : 6 meses
Début du stage :
2017-02-28 2017-09-01
Temps Plein Oui
Alternance Oui
Mobilité autour de votre lieu d'habitation : 100Km >> ...

Lettre de motivation

I’m a recent graduated in a master’s degree in nuclearengineering at the “Politecnico di Torino” which is one of the most prestigious universities in Italy forengineering and I also have an electromechanical engineer bachelor’s degree which I obtained in mybirth country, Bolivia.In addition to these titles I will take a course with the CEA at their Cadarache facilities regardingReactor Core Physics and Monte Carlo simulation in January 2017.At the moment I speak English, Italian and Spanish fluently, and I’m learning French because I knowthat in the nuclear world France plays a very important role worldwide.I’m very capable when dealing with software, and programing languages, and am able to use C++,Matlab, Freefem + +, ADA and Fispact II (Neutron Activation Code) and I am also a very good teamworker.
I would thank you very much if you consider me even though I don’t speak French at the moment,I’m certain that during the time that the selection lasts I will be able to get enough understanding ofthe language and in the following months speak it fairly well.With no other, I sincerely salute you


DATE OF BIRTH: June 22nd, 1990PLACE OF BIRTH: Cochabamba, BoliviaCITIZENSHIP: ItalianMARITAL STATUS: Married EDUCATIONPolitecnico di Torino 2013-2016 Laurea Magistrale in Ingegneria Energética e Nucleare ( Master’s degree in Energetics and Nuclear Engineering) Thesis: “Neutron Activation problems using the Fispact code” Final Grade: 97/110Universidad Privada Boliviana – UPB 2008 – 2013 Electro Mechanic Engineering Thesis: “Feasibility Study for the Implementation of a Hydroelectric Power Plant in the Small Town of La Aguada – Cochabamba” Final Grade: 96/100 – Excellence MentionIEEE - CNDC – UPB 2012 Economical operation and Coordination of energetic resources.LANGUAGESSpanish NativeItalian Understanding, writing, reading, and speaking – C2 Level (PLIDA)English Understanding 30/30 (C2), writing 24/30 (C1), reading 28/30 (C2), and speaking 25/30 (C1) – TOEFL ScoresFrenchUnderstanding, writing, reading, and speaking – A2 LevelEXPERIENCECochabamba City Hall - Consultant 02/2013 – 05/2013 Solidworks simulation of the machinery that should be installed in the recycling center in Cochabamba, Bolivia.EDECO - Consultant 11/2012 – 12/2012 Technical specification for the supply, assembly and commissioning of OPGW cable in the 115 kV line for the city of Tarija, Bolivia.SYNERGIA S.A. (San Joaquín) - Consultant 05/2012 – 09/2012 Design of automation mechanisms for Pelton injectors of 250 [kW] –San Joaquin Power plant.TECHNICAL SKILLSWindows: Advanced Linux: High Microsoft Office Word: Advanced Microsoft Office Excel: High Microsoft Office PowerPoint: High SolidWorks: Advanced ADA: High MATLAB: Advanced FISPACT II: Advanced FREE FEM ++: AdvancedSPORT AND SOCIAL ACTIVITIESClub Delfines Swimming teamClub de Tenis Municipal – Cochabamba Tennis clubClub Kang’s Tae-Kwon-Do ClubCírculo Italiano – Boliviano Charity OrganizationMEDICAR First Aid


Outils / Logiciels / Méthodes maitrisés : Solidworks, c++, freefem++, Fispact II (neutron activation code)

Permis VL, PL, véhicules spéciaux :

Langues :
Espagnol : Langue maternelle
Italien : Langue de travail
Anglais : Langue de travail
Français : Débutant

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